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Flavours & Fillings

Victoria Sponge

Traditional vanilla sponge filled and flavoured with madagascan vanilla buttercream and jam.


Lemon and Poppyseed

A rich lemon and poppy seed sponge filled with lemon buttercream.

Zesty Lemon 

A zesty Lemon sponge cake filled with Lemon Buttercream.


A classic moist spiced carrot cake filled with madagascan vanilla and orange buttercream.


Vanilla and Chocolate 

Vanilla and Chocolate sponge filled with madagascan vanilla buttercream.

Coffee and Walnut 

Coffee sponge filled and covered with coffee cream  topped with walnuts.

Rich Fruit Cake

Mixed Dried fruit soaked in brandy and turned into a rich traditional fruit cake. usually topped with marzipan and icing.

Strawberry and Cream

Vanilla sponge layered with fresh cream and strawberries covered with fresh cream and decorated with strawberries.

Coconut and Mango 

Vanilla sponge filled with mango puree and coconut buttercream.

Apple & Blueberry Cake

A rustic vanilla, blueberry and apple cake.


Apple & Almond Cake

A rustic Almond and Apple sponge cake topped with caramel and roasted almond.

Fruit Gateau

Vanilla sponge filled with fresh cream and topped with choice of fruit.

Chocolate Fudge

Rich Chocolate Fudge sponge filled aand covered with chocolate fudge.

Chocolate Gateau

Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate cream covered in chocolate fingers.

Death By Chocolate

Rich chocolate sponge made with 97% organic green and blacks cocoa filled with chocolate buttercream.


Mint Chocolate 

Chocolate sponge filled with mint flavoured buttercream.

Chocolate and Raspberry 

Rich chocolate sponge filled with a rich chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberries.

Mocha Espresso 

Italian espresso coffee sponge filled with coffee buttercream.

Tiramisu Cake

Layers of vanilla sponge cake with cream filling and topped with cocoa.



Looking for a particular flavour?


We pride ourselves on being adaptable, so if you cant find what you are looking for, then contact  us and we may be able to create it!!

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